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The program includes:
The Marine terminal • A short ride by the Trans-Siberian railway
The Central square The Vavilov Manor visit
The Eagle’s Nest hill • Market visit
S-56 submarine museum The Russky bridge
The Triumphal Arch Russky Island
The Vladivostok Fortress museum • Objects of the APEC Russia 2012 
• Lunch (Russian cuisine) The Voroshilovskaya battery
The Railway station • Dinner
  The Circus OR the Theatre show

 Excursion details: 
Includes Transfer, guide, tickets, lunch
Season Available all year round
Time Recommended to start in the morning
Pickup and drop off Transfer to your hotel or the Central Square
What to bring Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat; Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather
Difficulty level Low-difficulty
Day 1Our guide will meet you at the Vladivostok airport and accompany to a restaurant of Russian cuisine. After dinner you will be transported to a hotel where the guide will help you check-in.
Day 2You will start your excursion from the Marine terminal which is a city place of interest and one of the biggest terminals on the Pacific coast. Its building is often compared with a shopping mall because of numerous stores with different goods. It is also a perfect place for promenades and enjoying the great view of the Golden Horn bay.   

Vladivostok Central squareWe invite you to continue the excursion and visit one of the city calling cards, the Central square. It is also named the Square of the Fighters for the Soviet Power. The similarly-named monument is considered to be one of the biggest ones in the Russian Far East and can be seen from a long way off. This square has always been full of life. In the Soviet period it was a place for celebratory demonstrations. Nowadays most of mass events, festivals and fairs are usually held here.

Nickolas Triumphal ArchThe Nickolas Triumphal Arch that is located not far from the square is known as the “czarist” Arch. It was constructed in order to welcome the crown prince of the Russian Empire Nickolas when he visited Vladivostok on the occasion of opening the Trans-Siberian Railway. It was demolished in the Soviet times and reconstructed in 1998 with the help of old photos. The renewed Arch was officially opened in 2003.

Soviet submarine S-56Later you will have a chance to see a real Soviet submarine S-56 from outside and inside. It was operable during the Second World war and was a part of the Pacific Fleet of Russia. You will know its history and feel the atmosphere of that heroic period because some of its compartments were saved in their original form. This museum is one of the most popular ones among foreign tourists and residents of Vladivostok.

vladivostok_fortress.jpgWe invite you to visit one more construction of high military importance, the Vladivostok Fortress museum. It is the structure with over 100-year-long history. This Fortress is considered to be one of the strongest marine fortresses constructed at that period of time. This is a complex of long term defense constructions. It wasn’t completed due to the First World War and the October revolution that followed it.

Orlinoe gnezdoWould you like to enjoy the fascinating view of the Golden Horn bay from one of the city viewpoints? The most popular one, which is called the Eagle’s Nest, is located on the hill near the funicular. At this viewpoint you can also see the monument to Cyril and Methodius – creators of the Russian alphabet. This spot is popular not only due to the great view of the Golden Horn bay but also as a remarkable place where just-married couples fix padlocks as a symbol of long and enduring love.

After the tour program you will have lunch in one of Vladivostok restaurants where you will have a chance to try authentic Russian cuisine. The menu will consist of fresh salad or appetizer, unique Russian soup (borsch, ukha or even okroshka), the second course like pelmeni, cutlets, beef stroganoff etc. and some dessert or pastry.

After lunch you will visit the Railway station. This spot is well-known as the last point of the Trans-Siberian railway. Its construction was commenced in presence of the crown prince of the Russian Empire Nickolas. The current appearance of the station is close to its prerevolutionary look.


Right from the Railway station you will take a short trip along the Trans-Siberian railway by a commuter train. Such trips usually end at Ugolnaya, Okeanskaya or Ussuriysk station. This is a great chance to travel along the world famous railway and enjoy the breathtaking view of Russian nature. 


c_500_350_16777215_00_images_tours_vavilovo_vavilovo.jpgLet’s continue the exciting journey and visit the unique family house, the Vavilov Manor, and drink tea with pirozhki (baked stuffed buns). You will have a chance to walk around the wonderful garden (in summer and autumn), visit the museum of gingerbread art named Pushkin-grad, come inside the Manor and listen to the story by Tamara Grigoryevna, the owner of the house, talking about her house, the family etc. You can also purchase some gingerbread as a souvenir.

c_500_350_16777215_00_images_tours_rynok.jpgAfter coming back to Vladivostok we invite you to continue experiencing Russian culture and visit a market. It has always played an important role in life of all Russians. It used to be the main place for purchasing food, clothes and other necessary things. Nowadays supermarkets have almost substituted markets, but some people still prefer usual markets as a place for buying fresh vegetables, fruit, meat etc.

Having finished the excursion program you will have dinner in one of seafood restaurants where you can try mussels, scallops, Kamchatka crabs etc. Every restaurant is unique thanks to their design, menus, atmosphere and special offers. Let’s finish the busy day with delicious dinner and hospitable atmosphere!

After dinner you will come back to your hotel.
Day 3
Let’s start a new day with breakfast in a hotel and a trip over the Russky bridge connecting the insular and the continental parts of the city. It was constructed for APEC 2012 and became a symbol of Vladivostok and a significant part of its transportation system. Its look corresponds to its name because the bridge is colored just like the Russian flag in white, blue and red.

By the Russky bridge you will get to Russky Island which is very popular among citizens and tourists due to beautiful nature and unique bays. It is also one of the biggest Russian Islands in the Pacific ocean and a popular resting place. You will have the opportunity to get off the bus and take photos.

Russky Island is also famous for APEC 2012. Besides the Russky bridge you will have a chance to observe such famous APEC objects as the Primorsky Aquarium and FEFU campus. Let’s visit the objects of international importance!
Right on Russky Island there is one more significant place of interest, Voroshilovskaya Battery, which is a museum now. It was used for defending Vladivostok till 1997. It is considered to be a miracle of engineering art and pride of Vladivostok. We invite you to visit the spot that had great military importance in the past!


Before coming back to your hotel to have a rest prior to the evening show you will have lunch in one of Vladivostok restaurants. It will be a chance to try dishes of Russian cuisine that you haven’t tried yet!

After a short rest in a hotel you will enjoy a show in the Vladivostok Circus OR the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky theatre according to your choice. If it is not available due to the schedule you will take a backstage tour of the Circus OR the Theatre.

Let’s finish the tour program by delicious dinner in one of Vladivostok restaurants. After lunch you will come back to your hotel.
Day 4On the last day of your tour program you will have breakfast at the hotel and will be transported to the airport accompanied by the guide.

Please note that it is possible to add or remove one day from the program.

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