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Vladivostok, Russia
The excursion includes the following spots:
•    Tsesarevicha embankment •    Sportivnaya embankment
•    Korabelnaya embankment •    The Far-Eastern Federal University embankment
•    The Central Square •    Boat trip  (in summer period)
•    Fokina street •    Circus show OR theatre concert (in winter period)

Excursion details:
Includes Transfer, guide, lunch, dinner, boat trip price  
Season Available all year round
Time Starts in the morning
Pickup and drop off Transfer to your hotel, spots and the airport
What to bring Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat, water;     
Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm, scarf, mittens;
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather
Difficulty level Low-difficulty

Vladivostok is a sea city and it is not surprising that it has a lot of embankments. You will see all of them and know their history. 
You will start your acquaintance with Vladivostok embankments from the newest one named Tsesarevicha meaning the “Crown prince embankment”. It was built in 2012 and became one of the most favorite promenade areas. Here you will find some unusual architectural objects such as the giant chess board, the reconciliation bed, dynamic fountains and many others. Observe the historically and architecturally remarkable place!   

The next one is the Korabelnaya embankment which means the “Ship embankment”. It is situated at the shore of the Golden Horn bay and from here you can see the dreamy view of the bay and the Golden bridge. You will also observe the 4-meter-high memorial complex of great historical significance. 

During the excursion you will face some other remarkable city spots and the guide will tell you about them. For example, the Central Square – the city calling card and the place where the monument to the Fighters for the Soviet Power, the biggest one of the Russian Far East, is located. This is the widest square of Vladivostok and all mass city events are usually conducted here. 

On your way to the next embankment you will walk along Fokina street. It is so beautiful and so popular among the city residents that is often compared with Moscow Arbat street. People love this place for cozy small cafes, comfortable benches, picturesque fountains and the view of the sea.
Vladivostok, Russia
The place you will get after is the Sportivnaya (Sports) embankment which is considered the main embankment of the city. It is called so because of two sports facilities – the Olympiets sports complex and the Dinamo stadium. It also has the amusement park, in summer it is possible to rent catamarans and get yourself painted.

Before visiting the next embankment you will try traditional Russian meal in one of local restaurants. Our city has fantastic restaurants with highly professional cooks who not just follow classical recipes but also add something new to the dishes in order to please their guests. 

The last but not least embankment is located on Russky island. It’s the embankment of the Far Eastern Federal University. It was built on the occasion of APEC 2012 and became so popular that not only students but residents of Vladivostok often come here to walk. Here you will find the beach, the waterfall, fountains, the stone garden and sakura trees. 

To continue experiencing the port city atmosphere let’s take a boat trip around the Golden Horn bay and see Vladivostok streets in another perspective. They are not only bridges, hills and spots that you will see but also unbelievable sky and sea views. During the trip you will listen to the story of the city and know new interesting facts you haven’t known before.  
In winter period you can choose the Circus show or the theatre performance. If it is possible according to the schedule you can also listen to the organ concert in the local Philharmonic Hall.

To feel the port city to the full extent we invite you for dinner to the seafood restaurant. Taste dishes cooked from local very fresh marine products! 

The next day our driver will transport you to the airport together with the guide.

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