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The Vladivostok State Circus
The Vladivostok Circus has over 100-year-long history. Residents of Vladivostok watched the first show in 1885. Numerous troupes, both Russian and foreign, have already performed there. In 1891 the crown prince of the Russian Empire Nickolas watched the show and liked it so much that donated 100 rubles to the Circus. In 1973 a new Circus building was constructed on Svetlanskaya street. Due to complicated relief architectures managed to construct a really unusual building.

Nowadays the Circus is designed for 2034 show-goers. It is equipped with modern lighting facilities, complicated acoustic system and film projectors. There is also separate space for horses, elephants, predators and also a shower room and a kitchen for cooking food for animals. 
The Circus programs include many interesting acts such as shows with trained animals, acrobatic acts, clownery and many others.      
The Circus arena can be transformed to a performance site with the area of 350 square meters. 
At the end of 2017 the Vladivostok Circus was reconstructed and repaired. 
The Vladivostok State CircusThe Vladivostok State CircusThe Vladivostok State Circus

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