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 How to get to Vladivostok

You are also invited to experience the following:

Boat cruise

Boat cruise
We invite you to take a boat cruise around picturesque spots of Vladivostok. Starting from one of the piers on the Korabelnaya embankment during a one-hour excursion you can see three lighthouses, Tokarev, Basargin and Skryplev. Later there is a possibility to travel along Russky island, under the Russky bridge, get to the Ussuri bay and the Primorsky Aquarium. On the way back you will probably take a trip near the Vostochnaya verf, one of the oldest shipyards of Vladivostok. After the excursion you can observe all the ships located in the Golden Horn bay. Please, note that the route can be changed depending on weather conditions.

Boat_cruise_2Theme-based excursions are also available. These can be cruises around bridges and lighthouses, the Amur bay, the Golden Horn bay.     
You can choose a morning tour which lasts 1 hour and an evening one lasting 2 hours. We usually rent a powerboat called Hamadori, but other powerboats of smaller size are also available.
When it comes to individual tours comfortable powerboats and yachts of any kind are possible (VIP, economy class, etc).     
We can also provide you with the opportunity to fish and taste fresh-cooked seafood after the cruise. We guarantee you ultimate experience!

Charter train tour

c_500_350_16777215_00_images_transport_train_rzd_8.jpgThis is a unique opportunity to take a trip along the Trans-Siberian railway by train. It is possible to rent a railcar or a whole train/a commuter rail for a big group of tourists. Only groups over 100 people are allowed. Short trips usually end at the Ugolnaya, Okeanskaya or Ussuriysk stations, but we can organize a trip to any destination point beyond your wishes.     
Take a lovely trip by the world famous Trans-Siberian railway and enjoy fascinating scene from the window!

Helicopter tour

Our company organizes helicopter tours above Vladivostok city and Russky island. The tour lasts from 30 min to 1 hour depending on weather conditions and flight permission.
Enjoy the cityscape from a helicopter! This is a chance to observe the whole city from the top, have a great time and get unforgettable experience!

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