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c_800_300_16777215_00_images_tours_fefu_fefu_1.jpg Combine a pleasant trip by electrobikes with an interesting excursion around Vladivostok!    

You will be able to choose one of the following destinations:    
•    The Far Eastern Federal university campus embankment
•    The path along the Amur bay ( “Coast of health” route)    
•    The Tsesarevich embankment (“Golden Horn” route)
•    Night walk around the city

Excursion details:
Includes Transfer, guide, instructor
Season Available in the summer period
Time Can be started any time beyond your wishes
Pickup and drop off Transfer to your hotel and the walk starting point
What to bring Sunglasses, sun cream, hat, umbrella, insect repellent, water
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather 
Difficulty level Low-difficulty

Electrobikes are called “smart” bikes. You don’t have to make any physical efforts to ride them even when you go up the hills, so they are suitable for people with any physical condition.    
Our guide will meet you at the hotel and accompany to the trip starting point according to the destination you chose. Possible options:
The Far Eastern Federal university campus embankment. If you choose this route you will take a walk around all alleys and spots of the university. Ideally flat streets and promenade areas along the Ayax cove, fresh breeze and amazing views will assure you pleasant pastime. 

Path along the Amur bay (“Coast of health” route). This is your chance to see tourist attractions of the city center during a one single trip. You will experience a lovely walk by the specially prepared path along the Amur bay. By the way you will visit “Sem futov” – the biggest yacht-club of the Far East and have a chance to take photos at the background of luxury yachts. You will also observe fascinating Sport Harbor, Vladivostok Arbat, Millionka (the Chinese square) and many other interesting places.       

The Tsesarevich embankment (“Golden Horn” route). We are glad to present you one of the most favorite promenade areas of Vladivostok residents. This route combines unforgettable views of the Golden Bridge, retro-style streets, hills and mountains of the city! You can visit memorial monuments, such as the S-56 submarine, the Krasnyi vympel ship and many others!
Vladivostok, RussiaVladivostok, RussiaVladivostok, Russia
Night walk (“Evening city” route). We have prepared the romantic route by electrobikes during which you can enjoy atmosphere of the night city and visit its most attractive observation spots in the light of lanterns! Funicular, city embankments, bridges, the Primorsky stage of the Mariinsky theatre, Millionka (the Chinese square) are waiting for you on this route.
Please note, that this route will take more time and energy, as all these spots are located in different parts of the city. On your decision we can make this route shorter.
In the evening (in case you chose the morning walk) we offer you one of these alternatives:
1. Visit to bars/night clubs of Vladivostok. Our city is home for numerous bars and night clubs that fit every taste, specialize in cooking dishes of different cuisines and have their own specific features. Drinks, hookah, music and dances – everything’s possible here! You can try several bars/clubs and have fun all night!    

 2. Alcohol tasting (depends upon the schedule). At the event like this you can become well-versed in wine, try alcohol drinks that you’ve never tasted, have a good time and get acquainted with new people. Different alcohol tastings are devoted to various alcohol types and themes.  

3. Cocktail cooking master-class. Don’t you think it would be nice if you can cook cocktails by yourself? We will provide you such opportunity. This is your chance to surprise friends with unusual tasty home-made cocktails and make some for yourself from simple, not expensive ingredients. It will be easy and useful study.   

4. Visiting a sauna or banya. Saunas and banyas have always played a significant part in life of the Russians. Vladivostok can offer you a wide choice of saunas of different types and other additional service such as relaxing massage, billiard and many others. 

5. Motorboat walk. You can spend the second half of the day at a motorboat enjoying views of Vladivostok from the sea, panoramas of the Golden and the Russky bridges. You will be accompanied by the guide who will tell you history of Vladivostok and some interesting facts about the places you will visit.

Experts of the inbound department:

Valeriia Litvinenko
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Daria Desiatykh
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