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Svetlanskaya Street

There are not any doubts that Svetlanskaya Street is the core of Vladivostok. It was  named after the frigate Svetlana.  This historical street is the first and central in the city and contains numerous memorial buildings.

The most important buildings had been located on the Svetlanskaya Street. In 1913, along the street the tram service, the department stores, the cinemas, Lutheran and Catholic churches, and Japanese consulate were built.  . 

Today you should find several hours to walk along it. Every second building is the historical value. According to the order of the administration of Vladivostok it is prohibited to change the look of the Street. There are theatres, museums, shopping centers, parks, monuments, banks, etc.

Beautiful houses, which almost haven’t changed over hundreds years.  Some houses were rebuilt, but the spirit of the street remained the same! You will feel spirit of the city by all your heart, if you walk around the street.


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