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Bridge across the Golden Horn Bay

Construction of a bridge across the Golden Horn Bay will provide reliable transport connection between the city districts, with regional highway system, connection of Vladivostok transport nodal point (including passenger, trade, timber and fish sea ports and main transport and logistic complexes of the city) to the network of federal auto roads of the country. The project will increase the efficiency of the in-citytransportations; will allow to position the city as a large traffic nodal point of the world significance.

Construction length of the bridge — 2.1 km.

Number of traffic lanes — 6.

Volume of investments (mln. Rr.)
federal budget investments — 12 000;
territory budget investments — 1 000. Total — 13 000.
Bridge across the Golden Horn BayBridge across the Golden Horn BayBridge across the Golden Horn Bay
Main indicators of the project economic efficiency
contribution to GRP (mln. Rr.) — 1 717.6;
budget efficiency (mln. Rr.) — 318.7

The bridge across the Golden Horn Bay will be located on the highway connecting the federal auto road M-60 “Ussuri” Khabarovsk—Vladivostok with the Russkiy Island. In the central part of Vladivostok between Gogolya and Nekrasovskaya streets—from the side of the northern city districts in the streets Kalinina, Fastovskaya and Nadibaidze


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