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c_800_300_16777215_00_images_tours_Siberia_siberia_9-1.jpg The program includes:
Vladivostok: Irkutsk: Khabarovsk:
Day 1
• Transfer to a hotel
• Dinner at hotel/restaurant
Russian cuisine

Day 2
• Breakfast at hotel, check out
• The Central Square
• The Eagle’s Nest Hill
• Funicular (cable car) 
• S-56 submarine museum
• The Triumphal Arch
• Russian family visit with lunch
• The Fortress Museum
• Market visit
• GUM (the department store)
• Fokina street
• Dinner *Seafood 
• Departure to Irkutsk city by train

Day 3, 4, 5
• Travelling by train (lunch and dinner in a dining car
(NOT included to the price)

Day 12
• Arrival in Vladivostok
• Breakfast at local restaurant
• Russky Island (APEC 2012 objects, the Voroshilovskaya Battery)
• Lunch at local restaurant
• Transfer to the airport
Day 6
• Breakfast
• Listvyanka settlement 
• The Baikal lake cruise
• The Baikal seal Aquarium
(show is available from Thurs to Sun)
• Lunch
• The Open-Air Museum of wooden architecture
• Dinner + folklore show
(by advance order)

Day 7
• Breakfast
• Departure to Khabarovsk city by train
• Lunch and dinner in a dining car
(NOT included to the price)

Day 8, 9
• Travelling by train or plane
(in this case program will last 10 days)
Day 10
• Arrival in Khabarovsk city
• Hotel check-in

Day 11
• Breakfast
• The Amur river cruise
• Lunch
• The Lenin Square
• Muravyov-Amursky street
• The Komsomol Square
• The Khabarovsk Regional Museum 
• The Military History museum of the Far Eastern Military District
• Amur cliff with museum
• Dinner  
• Departure to Vladivostok city by train

Excursion details:
Includes Transfer, guide, tickets, lunch, dinner, breakfast in VVO on last day
Season Available all year round
Time Recommended to start in the morning 
Pickup and drop off Transfer to hotels and places of interest
What to bring Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat, water;     
Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm, scarf, mittens; 
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather 
Difficulty level Low-difficulty
Day 1Our guide will accompany you to your hotel and help check-in. After that you will have dinner in a hotel restaurant or one of the city restaurants according to your choice.
Day 2Your new day will start from breakfast in a hotel. Before starting the tour program our guide will help you check-out.  

What do you think about starting your excursion from visiting the city calling card? The Central Square is well-known among many people. This is the spot where Vladivostok residents schedule their meetings and foreign tourists often start excursions from. The square is also well-known thanks to the Monument to the Fighters for the Soviet Power – the biggest one on the Russian Far East.

Later you will be transferred to the Eagle Nest Hill – the most popular observation point of Vladivostok. This place is famous due to the opportunity to observe the whole city, enjoy picturesque scenes and take nice photos. We promise you unforgettable experience as the views are fascinating any time, at day and night!

Next, we invite you to take a short trip by funicular. It takes just 5 minutes but this is your chance to take a ride by this unique type of railway transport which is often compared with San-Francisco’s cable cars. One more unusual thing about it is that this funicular system is the only one on the Russian Far East. Let’s try something new!      

After this unusual trip you will observe the S-56 submarine museum from outside and inside. It will be quite intriguing because this submarine used to be operable during the Second World War and some of its compartments were saved in their original form. It is also considered to be a must for all tourists coming to Vladivostok. Don’t lose your chance to see something unusual!

Just a few steps from the submarine you will see the historically significant construction – the Triumphal Arch. It was a gift for Nickolas II – the future Russian emperor. Here you can enjoy classical Russian architecture and make a wish. Vladivostok residents believe that the wish made under the Arch will definitely come true!

Let’s relax and have lunch with a Russian family. You will not only get acquainted with a hospitable traditional family, visit their home, but also try home-made dishes of Russian cuisine. Have you always dreamed about eating borscht or vinegret? Or maybe about drinking tea with blini or pirozhky? Everything is possible on your request!

The after lunch spot, the Vladivostok Fortress, is a long-term fortification construction dated 19-20 centuries. It combined all fortification achievements of that period. This museum is devoted to Vladivostok navy history and is based on the reconstructed coastal battery that played the key role in the city defense. Feel yourself a part of Vladivostok history!
Don’t you think it would be interesting to visit a traditional Russian market? This is the place that used to be the only one for purchasing food and clothes. However, even nowadays markets are full of people. Despite the fact that supermarkets are much more popular, there are many people who prefer to buy locally grown vegetables or other fresh products at markets.    

We invite you to continue the excursion and visit one more outlet – Vladivostok GUM. This is not only the oldest trading enterprise of the city and the Far East, but also a successor of Russian merchant traditions. The building of the store is considered a monument of architecture and a city symbol. Inside you can purchase or simply observe clothes, jewelry made by local designers, and cosmetics. 

Before having dinner it would be nice to take a short walk along Fokina street. It is called “Vladivostok Arbat” just like the similarly-named street in Moscow. Here you can buy souvenirs, enjoy view and smell of the sea, relax on comfortable benches and feed pigeons.  

To finish the excursion day you will be transported to one of Vladivostok seafood restaurants. Our city is famous for fresh marine products, such as scallops, Kamchatka crabs, fish caviar etc., and tasty dishes cooked from it. A Vladivostok restaurant will provide you with warm atmosphere and unforgettable dinner!          

In the evening you will be delivered to the Railway station where our guide will help you register for the train to Irkutsk city and explain you the history of one of the oldest Railway stations in the Russian Far East, which looks like Yaroslavskiy Railway station in Moscow.
Day 3, 4, 5Next three days you will spend on the way to Irkutsk city. It will be the perfect time to have a rest, read a book, listen to music and enjoy views of Russian nature outside the train window. You can experience the trip in a classical train, just like Russian travelers. Please, note that you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a dining car. Food price is NOT included to the tour price. Day 6Having arrived at Irkutsk city you will be transferred to one of the local restaurants for breakfast. 
Right after breakfast you will visit Listvyanka settlement – a calling card of the Baikal. Acquaintance with Baikal region nature usually starts from this spot. The settlement name is connected with numerous larches growing here. This is a unique place combining modern hotels and developed infrastructure with wild nature. Fresh air, the Baikal waters, larches and mountain chains – this is what is waiting for you in Listvyanka settlement!         
To continue exploring Baikal region nature we invite you to take a cruise around the Baikal lake. It is going to be the unforgettable walk thanks to amazing water surface, cool breeze and breathtaking wild nature that you can observe from a comfortable yacht. You will be accompanied by a guide who will disclose secrets of local nature. 
The Baikal seal is a symbol of Baikal, and you will be able to see it with your own eyes! It’s your unique chance to visit the sealarium which is the only one of a kind because these seals can live only at the Baikal lake and can’t be moved to another place. The sealarium invites you to the world only show of trained Baikal seals which is available from Thursday to Sunday.     
Enjoy delicious lunch in one of local restaurants! This is the possibility to try Buryat (indigenous people) cuisine or some Siberian dishes. You can taste local meat or omul (local fish) dishes and drink herbal tea made from locally-grown herbs. 
Next, we invite you to visit a very unusual place - the Open-Air Museum of wooden architecture. Here you can observe wooden constructions of towns and settlements of Irkutsk region that were flooded in the second half of the XXth century. Its collection comprises over 40 monuments of architecture and more than 8000 exhibits demonstrating life of Siberian settlements of the XVII—XIXth centuries.     

It’s time to have a rest after such eventful tour day. We invite you for dinner where you will not only enjoy delicious meal but also watch a Russian folk show (available by advance order). Let’s have dinner in a Russian style!
Day 7You will have breakfast in a hotel and depart for Khabarovsk city. You will have lunch and dinner in a dining car (NOT included to the tour price).
Day 8, 9You will spend next two days in the train on the way to Khabarovsk.
Day 10Let’s start a new day in a new city! After breakfast you will take a lovely cruise by the Amur river. Combine the pleasant with the useful – get acquainted with nature of Khabarovsk region and enjoy fascinating views, fresh air and leisurely trip by the river.
Before continuing to explore Khabarovsk city you will have lunch in one of local restaurants and enjoy excellent meal and friendly atmosphere. Experience Russian cuisine and Russian hospitability!

Having finished lunch you are invited to promenade at the Lenin Square – the central Square of the city and the main place for conducting all mass activities. This is a spot with lovely fountains, alleys, flowerbeds, benches and lanterns. It’s a perfect spot for walks that has historical and architectural significance.

Muravyov-Amursky street will become the place where you will continue your leisurely walk. This is the street in the central part of the city full of historical and architectural monuments. You will see Russian prerevolutionary architecture of the end of the XIXth – the beginning of the XXth centuries.

By Muravyov-Amursky street you will get to the Komsomol Square – one of the oldest city squares and the second central square of Khabarovsk. You will be amazed by the dreamy view of the Amur river seen from here. It’s a chance to observe the Uspensky cathedral and the Monument to the heroes of the Civil War on the Far East.
As a follow-up to the excursion let’s visit the Khabarovsk Regional Museum named after Nickolas Grodekov – the local history museum. You will know about nature of the region, the Civil War on the Far East, history of indigenous people and many other useful and interesting things. Come and see all exhibits with your own eyes!

One more museum you will visit this day is the Military History museum of the Far Eastern Military District. Some decades ago the museum building was home for some military institutions. This is a unique chance to observe real full-sized military equipment, such as tanks, armored vehicles, guns, air defense rockets and many others.

Then you will be transferred to a very romantic place. The Amur cliff is the place from where you can observe breathtaking views of the Amur river and the spot where people in love arrange their meetings. It also has historical significance thanks to the Museum Cultural Center devoted to Khabarovsk history and the so-called Time telescope with documentary videos.

Later you are invited for dinner to one of Khabarovsk restaurants. Have a rest after the busy day and enjoy great meal!

Next, you will be transported to the railway station and depart for Vladivostok by train.
Day 12Night in train.
Having arrived back to Vladivostok you will be delivered to a local restaurant for breakfast. Start a new day with nutritious Russian meal! 

There is one more spot in Vladivostok that is considered a must for foreign travelers – Russky Island. It is well-known not only due to wonderful nature but to numerous Objects built for conducting APEC 2012, such as the Primorsky Aquarium and the campus of the far-Eastern Federal University. Here you will also observe the historically important Voroshilovskaya battery – the unique fortification construction.    
Before leaving the city we invite you for lunch with dishes of Russian cuisine in one of local restaurants. Treat yourself once again with healthy and delicious meal!     
After lunch our guide will accompany you to the airport and help check-in.

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