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c_800_300_16777215_00_images_tours_Russian_cuisine_vl_tours_31.jpg The excursion includes:
• Coca Cola factory • Russian souvenir shop
• Lunch S-56 submarine
• Vladimir Vysotsky monument • The Triumphal Arch
GUM (department store) + GUM old yard • Gastro dinner
• The Central Square • Alcohol tasting

Excursion details:
The price includes Transfer, guide, tickets, lunch, dinner, alcohol tasting
Season Available all year round
Time Starts at 10 am
Pickup and drop off Transfer to your hotel, spots and the airport
What to bring Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat;     
Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm, scarf, mittens;
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather
Difficulty level Low-difficulty

After breakfast in the hotel you will be transported to the Coca-Cola factory for excursion. This is the Vladivostok branch of one of the world biggest brewery producing corporations that was opened in 1997. Nowadays it produces 23 types of drinks for over 6 million residents of Primorsky, Khabarovsk and other regions. This is a unique opportunity not only to observe the process of producing Coca-Cola but also to taste this world famous drink right at the factory!
*Please, note that it is necessary to order the excursion 2 weeks - 1 month before.

Later you will have a rest and eat delicious meal in the Russian cuisine restaurant. You will not only try borsch or pelmeni but also enjoy authentic atmosphere and design of one of Vladivostok restaurants.    
We invite you to look at the monument of Vladimir Vysotsky – Russian famous singer, actor and poet who is still beloved by many Russians and who hasn’t been forgotten up to now. This monument does not only represent the exact way Vladimir looked but also plays his songs so you can get acquainted with his creativity.    

The next spot of your excursion is GUM which is not only the oldest outlet of Vladivostok and Primorsky region but also considered to be the monument of architecture. It is located in the historical center of Vladivostok. This is the city decoration and the place with clothes and jewelry produced by local designers and also cosmetics of some famous brands.

Right after visiting the GUM you will take a walk at the so-called old yard of GUM that is full of small unusual shops, cafes, art-studios etc. This is one of the most favorite places for promenades among Vladivostok residents. Here you can also visit the chocolate store and purchase chocolate bars and sweets of the best Russian manufacturers.  

The place you will see after is deservedly named the calling card of Vladivostok. The Central Square, or the Square to the Fighters for the Soviet Power, is the place for conducting such mass events as concerts, fairs, festivals etc. It is also remarkable thanks to the monument to the Fighters for the Soviet Power which is the biggest one on the Russian Far East.
At this very square you will visit the souvenir shop, the most popular one among foreign tourists. Here you will find a great number of souvenirs with symbols of Russia and Vladivostok that will cherish the memory of your trip to Russia!

Having walked a little after observing the souvenir shop shelves you will get to the spot which is considered a must for all tourists visiting Vladivostok – S-56 submarine. It’s a museum now but it used to be operable during the Second World War. Some its compartments have their original look, so it’s going to be very exciting experience! 

Just two steps away from the submarine there is a historically important construction – the Triumphal Arch that was a welcome present for the crown prince of the Russian Empire Nickolas. Some other Russian cities that Nickolas visited during his worldwide trip have Triumphal Arches too. By visiting it you will also see the example of Russian traditional architecture of the 19th century. 

After short rest in your hotel (in case there is time left) you will be delivered to one of Vladivostok restaurants for gastro dinner during which you will try Far Eastern dishes cooked from local products, taste local drinks and know the process of their cooking.   
In order to make your gastro journey complete you are invited for alcohol tasting to one of local bars. Here you can taste Russian vodka, beer or some local alcohol drinks and take part in the master-class devoted to cooking cocktails. We promise you fun and unforgettable experience!  
On the following day you will be transferred to the airport accompanied by your guide.

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