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c_800_300_16777215_00_images_tours_popov_island.jpg The picturesque and mysterious Popov island which is located 20 km from Vladivostok is waiting for you!

The program includes:                  
•    The “Sea nature and its conservation” museum
•    Picnic 

•    The botanic garden on Likhander cape
•    Excursion at the ecological route
•    “Ecology of ancient humans” excursion
•    Excursion to the littoral area of Popov island
•    Geological world of the island

Excursion details:
Includes Transfer from/to the airport and from/to Popov island, guide, lunch, tickets
Season The museum is available in any season, excursions available time check in the program 
Time Starts in the morning
Pickup and drop off Transfer from the airport to the hotel, pier and back. Please, note that due to weather conditions breakdown in the ferry work schedule is possible. It may be impossible to rent a ferry in bad weather. 
What to bring Summer period: sunglasses, sun cream, hat;     
Winter period: skin moisturizer, lip balm, scarf, mittens;
Necessary clothes Seasonal clothes according to the weather
Difficulty level Medium-difficulty

When you come to Vladivostok our guide will meet you at the airport and accompany to the hotel and help check-in. After that you will have dinner in the hotel restaurant or one of Vladivostok restaurants. In the morning after breakfast you will be transported to the pier from where you will start your trip to Popov island.    

You will be delivered to Popov island by a motor boat. It will take about an hour. Having come to the island you will visit the natural-historical museum devoted to sea animals of the Peter the Great Gulf and its islands. You will know history of the nature reserves of Russia, condition of the Far-Eastern seas, gladden yourself by observing models of coral reefs, listen about the fishing industry of the Far-Eastern region and many other interesting facts. Don’t lose the chance to go to the museum that has already been visited by over 130 000 people!  

Later we invite you for picnic to some picturesque place on the island! It would be nice to cook something with your own hands in the nature, wouldn’t it? It is possible to cook shashlik – the dish that Russian people usually cook outdoors. Let’s have delicious lunch and nice talk! 

Popov island has a number of excursions available. You can choose one of them: 

1. The botanic garden on Likhander cape. This garden is a part of the nature reserve located on Popov island. This is one of few places with specially protected natural objects that was created in order to save rare plants of the Peter the Great Gulf islands. You can observe recreated native flora of this wonderful territory, know about medicinal and nutritional properties of the plants and listen about the plants that can help you survive in the wood!    

2. Excursion at the ecological path (available all year round, duration: 2-2,5 hours). In the course of the excursion you will familiarize yourself with flora and fauna (rare animals listed in the Red Book) of the Gulf and know how Russian mariners explored this place. The path runs through the broadleaved forest to the rocks of Prokhodnoy cape. From the observation platform you will enjoy the fascinating view of the Peter the Great Gulf islands. You will also have a unique opportunity to make a wish at the magic ancient burial hill and ask spirits of nature about something you dream about!    

3. “Ecology of ancient humans” excursion (available all year round, duration: 2 hours). Welcome to the unusual educational excursion during which you will know about labor tools, dishware and jewelry both, original and fake, dated I-II millennium B.C. You will visit ancient humans’ point of residence on the coast of the Stark strait, see real shamans’ stones, will have a chance to put on characters and take part in games imitating relationships of ancient people.      

4. Excursion to the littoral area of Popov island (May-November, duration: 2 hours). A littoral zone is a part of a river, lake or sea close to the shore. During the excursion you will know about inhabitants of the intertidal zone. At the time of low tide you will have a chance to observe marine animals and plants in their natural habitat and even collect shells of mollusks, sea hedgehogs and crabs.    

5. Geological world of the island (available all year round, duration: 2 hours). Your walk will start from the museum building, and during this excursion you will know about history of geological development of Popov island. The route runs along the seashore and ends at Ptichiy cape that consists of basalt formed 250 million years ago! 

After the excursion you will be transported to Vladivostok city by a motor boat accompanied by the guide and have dinner.   

Experts of the inbound department:
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