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Trioserje Bay (Three Lakes Bay)

Location: southeast of Partizanskiy area
From Vladivostok: 165 km
Beach: Sandy
Opportunities: diving, rent of boats, scooter, launch.
Excursions: -
Until recently, the Trioserje Bay was part of the border zone and was closed to visitors. This fact, as well as remoteness from industrial facilities, is the cause of ecological purity and almost untouched nature of Trioserje Bay. The hills surround the bay and are covered with thick deciduous forest, rich in mushrooms and wild plants, and also, numerous species diversity of marine flora and fauna are observed in the waters of the bay.
The sandy beaches of Trioserje are considered to be the best and the most prestigious in the Far East. Today there are several recreation centers and tent camps. Beaches of the bay are 2 km in length, are equipped with tables, benches and barbecues. In addition to beach recreation, in the bay you can dive, windsurf, aqua bike, kite, parachute and helicopter, boating and catamaran, and just fishing. Lovers of silence and seclusion will always find in Trioserje a convenient place for themselves, here a lot of romantic coves with sandy beaches and granite rocks.

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