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Location: Khasansky District
From Vladivostok: 280 km
Beach: Sandy-pebble
Opportunities: fishing, parasailing, kiting, rent of ATV, boat trip.
Excursions: visiting of marine reserve, excursion around the bay, expeditions to the places of the breeding grounds for Gray mussels and scallops.

Kosa Nazimova is unique place for summer holidays. The narrow barrier beach has length 5 km and width 100 m. This place is located near the Posyet port and shares Posyet Bay into two Bays - Expedition and Pallada Raid. It was dicovered in 1854 by Pallada crew. Ancient people called this place Churhado and it means something abandoned, place where sailors leaved boats.
In the end of Kosa there are big rocks and their height is about 30 m. Nazimov lighthouse illuminates narrow passage between rocks. The complexity of the passage was extremely high, so decision to build a lighthouse was accepted. Nazimov lighthouse was built in 1896.
The beach of Kosa Nazimova is covered by sand, pebble and shelda. Here the fishing is available, rudds, flounders, shrimps, scallops, spisula. Near the beach there are salty lakes with lotuses, big crucians and snakeheads.
The winds of this place are attractive for kiting and windsurfing lovers.
Expedition Bay is famous for its healing mud, which are characterized as ecologically clean. The indications for use are wide: problems with the central nervous system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs, skin and kidneys.
On the foreland there are recreation centers, summer houses, and the opportunity to place a tent.

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