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Vladivostok has always played a significant role in economic, political and military life of the Russian Far East. The Vladivostok Fortress was built at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century in order to protect this city. Its construction was commenced in 1877 by the initiative of the Chief of Engineers of the East-Siberian Military District Colonel P. F. Unterberger, and proclaimed a fortress in 1889.

Its parts are scattered from Vladivostok suburbs to the Peter the Great Bay. They occupy the whole Muraviev-Amursky peninsula, Russian and Popov islands, 400 square kilometers in total. It was considered the most strengthened fortification construction of that period. The Fortress facilities were built with a glance to all achievements in the sphere of fortification construction of that time. They fit well into the territory relief which significantly increases their military opportunities. The Fortress consists of two separate fortification complexes, inner and outer defense lines. Thanks to such good quality of the Fortress units and their further modernization they kept military importance during several decades. 

Although the Vladivostok Fortress was not involved into military actions, its impressive military power prevented everybody from attacking the city. 



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