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visa support
To visit Russia, first of all, you need to be sure if you need or not Russian VISA. To get this information you need to check it with a Russian local consulate. For Russian VISA you must have invitation (VISA support) according no necessary VISA type. We are glad to offer you tourism and business VISA support. Our company is officially registered by MFA.

Tourism VS:
Stay period 30 days
Necessary documents Foreign passport, hotel voucher, tickets, tour program
Processing time 1 – 2 working days
Cost 1500 RUB

Business VS:
Stay period 1 year multiple entry 6 month single entry
Necessary documents  Foreign passport, hotel voucher, tickets, program of visit, occupation
Processing time 3 – 4 weeks 14 – 16 days
Cost 7100 RUB 6100 RUB

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